Cloud Gate: Chicago on Amazing Bean || Sooth Brush

When i first saw this photo I mistook it for a 3D computer rendering, but it’s actually real. it’s a huge structure known as the Bean and weighs a formidable 110 tons! No chance of anyone stealing it and using it as a center piece for their garden then!

Cloud Gate: Chicago on Amazing Bean || Sooth Brush

Taking photos of bands the really easy way!


The amazing Ellie from Slashed Seat Affair

Here’s some advice to those starting out in music photography.

My golden rule; be brave, be creative and take risks. This rule applies to all aspects. When I shoot, I am respectful to the band and the audience, but I have no problem being in a fan’s line of sight if I can get the great shoot I am always looking for.

  • Network and mingle at local gigs. Unless you have a really famous rock dad you won’t be photographing the Foo’s anytime soon so find local venues where unsigned bands are performing. Find them, talk to them and offer your photos for a very small fee or for free.
  • Be prepared, know the environment you are shooting at. Don’t try and wing it during the gigs.
  • Having the right equipment is essential. Don’t bother with a point and shoot camera unless you’re shooting in broad day light; even then I would strongly recommend a budget SLR with a fast lens. In the UK,  you can buy a reasonable setup
    • Nikon D40x (which is my backup camea) for under £350 ($700US) if you shop around
    • then get yourself a Nikon 50mm F1.8 for around £70 (£140) which is a very cheap and fast lens
    • and finally, if your budget can stretch to it, buy yourself a decent flash. I have only ever used Nikon’s SB-800 which are top of the range Flash units, although it has been recently superseeded by the SB-900. If the SB-800 is anything to go by, then you can’t go far wrong with the other SB flash units.
  • Get cards printed, that is essential. If you’re going to do this seriously then commit to it; the very least you can do is get some business cards printed. I had 250 printed for £15 with VistaPrint.
  • Keep in touch with the bands you like and (more importantly) photograph well. Many of them are on Facebook or MySpace so once you have initiated that then the rest is easy.
  • Keep asking what the bands are up to, offer your services. Building a strong relationship and reputation is just as important as being a great photographer.

Protected: Lightbox Photoshoot, Wendover

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Funki Porcini’s album Hed Phone Sex

No reason for posting this other than it’s just very cool! The photographer Scott Hansen has an amazing talent and someone I have only recently discovered. He also happens to be a musician.

Link to article.

RICE FIELD ART | Cool Things In Random Places

Farmers with too much time on their hands, or just dedicated artists 🙂

RICE FIELD ART | Cool Things In Random Places

Nature’s Conception – The Gates of Hell

Nature’s Conception – The Gates of Hell

These photos are amazing! The photography claims they were not photoshopped and I believe him. This one below made me think “What on earth is that???”

Awesome! Click the link above for more photos.

Are these the best parking signs in the world? Yup!

Axel Peemoeller – Eureka Carpark Melbourne

This has nothing to do with photography, but I couldn’t resist posting this up. I just love the forced perspective these signs give to the car drivers. The idea has been used numerous times on sporting fields like rugby, cricket and American Footbal but I applaud Melbourne (Australia) for applying it in their city.