How dark can dark be?

So here I am, in Liverpool, wide away while the city sleeps. Here I am in a very pretty loft while my sibling snuffs and snores his carefree life away. It is 12.45am and though I am awake I am dead inside.

Recent health issues have really made no difference. It would seem I don’t really cherish my life. I cannot find a reason or a purpose or a single being I believe in. But then my eager companion rubs its busy little hands and flicks my mind with doubt and unnecessary emotion.

I don’t want to give it a name; I won’t give it the satisfaction. It knows I cannot beat it in life, so I cherish my little victories when I can.

Often I can feel it twist my mental threads through its boney fingers slowly and carefully; it dare not break a thread in case I snap.

Today it celebrates even though it hasn’t won…yet. As my mind plummets into a sand pit of self hatred, inconsolable life choices and worthlessness, I have already surrendered. It is my only companion that I understand. It’s single purpose is to destroy me, and you know what… I want it to win.

25th May 2017


24 Hour badminton session

Saturday was one just one of those days when multiple events happen to be booked on one day; photoshoot 3 music acts, a neighbours BBQ and for most of the day a 24 hour fundraising badminton session. I took my trusty Nikon along to document the event as well as taking part. Although there are no photos of me actually playing I was on the courts quite a bit!! Honest!


As well as the games itself, there were things to entertain the kids such as video games, fancy dress and a raffle! I seem to remember one adult winning all the chocolate.

The D300 was really put to a test, for reasons I cannot explain the lights in the main hall were causing havoc with my photos. There were mysterious dark bands which spoilt alot of the shots; initially I thought I had broken the camera but I tested it in other areas outside of the hall and it worked perfectly.


ダカフェ日記 – Family blog with great photos.


A friend sent me this site of a family’s blog. Normally family blog’s are of what I consider “snaps” but the photographer really knows how to compose the frame and make use of terrific lighting.

Trialing the Pocket Wizard Plus 2

Based on a recommendation, I’ll borrowed a friend’s Pocketwizard for this evening’s gig. Basically, these devices triggers Flash units from your camera. My 2 SB-800s already have wireless trigger system built in but it isn’t always consistent and because the SB-800s are using Infra-Red as the transmission carrier then they need line of sight to be activated; this means if anything is blocking between camera and flash unit then it won’t fire. With the Pocket Wizards they are using radio frequencies so they should be more reliable. Initial tests have been positive, but I will know more by this evening.

Bridgefield. Last band standing with a very cool Bass Player


Phew, it’s been hectic. Sooo much to do this week but I finally edited the last band. They’re called Bridgefield, a 5 piece band with a firey lead vocals and a dynamic bass player. He was just so much fun to shoot because he really looked like he was enjoying and giving me a lot of movement to frame through the lens.


I took quite a few shots since it was coming towards the end of the evening, so I took my Nikon off RAW (I know, shocking huh) so I could shoot at 8fps. I didn’t use my flashes once which was just as well. I learnt a lot from the performance last weekend, and with 3 bands playing tomorrow I REALLY can’t wait to see what shots come out!!!

Billy Gomez, emotion through a lens.

be the change

I’ve only just discovered this guy, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on him for sure. I suggest any photographer should do the same.

Nikon D700 Digital SLR First Look Preview

Nikon D700 Digital SLR First Look Preview

A detailed view on the new Nikon D700. I’m watching this camera very closely especially with comparisons to the big daddy Nikon D3. There is a detailed comparison between the D700, D300 and the D3. As owners start posting their photos and opinions you can be sure this photograph will be trying to get his hands on one soon.